Riot Games plans to join in on the mobile FPS boom with a mobile version of Valorant

Riot Games is bringing its free-to-play competitive FPS Vaolrant to mobile and joining a growing list major developers taking their shooters from consoles and PC over to iOS and Android.

Riot hasn’t yet said much about the mobile version of Valorant beyond the fact that it’s in development, but it’s understandable why Riot would be interested in joining the likes of Call of Duty: Mobile in the mobile shooter space given Activision Blizzard’s recent success with that particular game.

The studio announced the coming launch today on the one-year anniversary of Valorant‘s debut on PC and paired it with news that Valorant now sits at 14 million monthly active players.

After years as a solo game and solo platform game developer, Riot has only recently started to publicly expand its horizons. The company announced a handful of new projects and partnerships over the last year or two, including League of Legends Wild Rift, a version of its flagship game League of Legends created from the ground up for mobile devices.

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