Riot Games reveal the Valorant Snowfall Bundle as part of winter celebrations

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Riot Games has announced a new Valorant Snowfall bundle as part of the new Christmas celebration. The Valorant Snowfall bundle features new ice-themed skins for the Classic, Phantom, Ares, and the Judge, along with a Snow Wand melee weapon and new charm. Here is what you can expect from the new Christmas edition of the Valorant patch notes.

Valorant Snowfall Bundle

The new Valorant Snowfall Bundle features a block of blue ice themed skin aesthetic, with each weapon having its halls decked with Holly, Christmas Trees, Villages,  and more, all inside the ice of the weapon, which is very cool. However, the weapon is not like the crazy expensive weapon skins, and so contains nothing too crazy in the effects department.

If you’re interested in acquiring one of these Valorant skins, it will set your valorant balance back by the following amount(s):

  • Weapons – 1275VP.
  • The Gun Buddy – 475VP.
  • Snowfall Wand – 2,550VP.

If you would prefer to buy the entire bundle, it will cost 5100VP.

It is worth noting this is the second time Valorant has ever put out a Christmas themed bundle. The bundle last year featured a less charismatic Winterwunderland bundle, which featured a candy cane melee weapon, with some dull-looking ice skins for the Vandal, Phantom and the Ghost.

As you can tell, this bundle is certainly much better.

Valorant Snowfall Wand

Valorant Snowfall Wand
Image via Riot Games.

Arguably one of the best bits about this Bundle is the new Snowfall Wand. It has some incredible detail and looks very unique for a melee weapon cosmetic. It follows the same aesthetic as the other ice skins, with a snowglobe on top of the weapon instead. Not to mention the rod is wrapped in red ribbons, decorated in Holly at the top. You can see an image of the skin above this paragraph.

Valorant Snowball Fight

The Valornat Snowball fight limited-time mode is back. Players had the option to vote for the Escalation, Replication or Snowball fight mode this year, with the Snowball mode returning instead of the other meme events. Anyone who jumps into the game right now can load up the Snowball Fight right now, lasting until January 4.

The mode is pretty much a TDM mode, with the team who gets to 50 kills first wins. Each character is equipped with a snowball launcher, with snowballs that arc and deal 150 damage on contact.

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