Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra to come with 108MP main camera, not 200MP

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra was initially said to feature Samsung’s upcoming 200MP sensor but recent reports say otherwise. Now the very reputable Samsung-related leaksters IceUniverse has backed those reports, saying the company will not make another push in the megapixel war.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra will come with 108MP main camera, not 200MP

Instead of the 200MP sensor, the company plans to use a more “polished”, new version of the current 108MP ISOCELL HM3 sensor. Sadly, there are no details around what exactly “polished” means.

We are also curious if Samsung is struggling to manufacture the 200MP sensor in sufficient quality or the company has just realized there’s still a lot of potential in the 108MP ISOCELL imager to be uncovered before moving on.


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