Save $230 on the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ – Early Christmas deals

Last Updated: December 8, 2021

Tablets occupy a middle ground between the portability of phones and the power of laptops. This gap is shrinking rapidly however as the power you can stuff into a slim tablet continues to grow exponentially. For these reasons, a tablet makes an excellent gift for the person in your life who needs to be connected at all times. We’ve been paying attention to the prices of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 as Christmas approaches and Samsung are offering a cool $230 discount right now, so don’t wait and grab a Galaxy Tab S7 before it’s too late. Let’s have look at the capabilities of the Galaxy Tab 7 and see why it’s a good purchase this holiday season.

Save $230 on the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 this christmas early christmas deals

Our favorite feature of the Galaxy Tab S7 has to be the 120Hz AMOLED screen. The high refresh rate makes the tablet feel smooth and responsive and the AMOLED screen provides unparalleled contrast and color depth for the most realistic viewing experience. Additionally, the refresh rate is fully variable and automatically, dynamically adjusts based on the content in question. This combines with the AMOLED screen to ensure that you experience the content the way it was supposed to be enjoyed.

We also like the new and redesigned S Pen, with a wildly low 9ms latency for better content creation and overall control of the Galaxy Tab 7. It’s also undergone an ergonomic upgrade making it remain comfortable for longer periods of use. It also magnetically adheres to the tablet, keeping it wirelessly charged at all times for a worry-free experience.

As devices have grown in power there’s been a distinct drop in overall battery life. This has led to the ubiquity of fast charging and the Galaxy Tab 7 is no exception with a powerful USB Type-C charging circuit that providers hours of use from minutes of charging time. This means the tablet will always have some power to spare in your time of need.

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