Six new Path of Exile events launching this December

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Grinding Gear Games has announced the upcoming end of year celebrations for Path of Exile. There is plenty of new content to look forward to, with the developers offering some unique spins of the usual POE gameplay. Here is everything we know about the Path of Exile events coming this December.

Path of Exile Events

There are six different events to look forward to this December, Each of the events offers a completely different look at the game. Some are most calmer taking mechanics that already exist, while others are completely fresh. Every each of the ten-day events, players will become eligible to receive an Atlantis Mystery Box as long as they reach level 50 during the event – merry Christmas Moreso, the top-ranked players of the Ascendencey class will get the Demigod’s Authority. There’s also Twitch Drops available too.

If you want to know what Path of Exile events await you, we have a table and description below.

Event Dates
Endless Delve December 3-13
Zizarian’s Gauntlet December 10-20
Endless Heist December 17-27
Atlas Invasion December 24-January 3
Delirium Everywhere December 31-January 10
Path of Exile Royale December 9, 23,30

Path of Exile Endless Delve

The Path of Exile Endless Delve allows players to dive deep into the Azurite Mine. The twist on the gameplay is that players will not level through the game through all the traditional acts. Instead, you’ll go through an endless mine, level up and find new experiences around each and every cavern cliff, ledge, and dark space.

Not, this is a returning game mode, which is similar to an older build called PoE Endless Delve. The game is likely to be slightly different than you expect, and, according to Reddit users, the game has Endless Delve uniques for each class that come with the game mode. You can read more about the rumoured Endless Delve content here.

Zizarian’s Gauntlet

Zizarian is one of the most popular streamers in the Path of Exile community. The streamer runs his own game called the Zizarian Gauntlet, which is a monster-slaying event. This time around, you should expect strong monsters, which will give players a surprising challenge. The aim of the game is to get as many kills on monsters and bosses to accumulate points.

Endless Heist

Endless Heist is a brand new game mode that comes makes players skip the traditional levelling campaign. Instead, players will use the Heist mechanic launched several seasons ago. Only this time the Heist is endless, which means you’re going to have to emulate playing Payday 2 or something like that. Use your stealth, awareness and hazard detection to your advantage. Failing and dying will cause you to lose your progress. Only the brave and bold will survive.

Atlas Invasion

Atlas Invasion is a new game mode, just like the Endless Heist mode. Here, players will go on an adventure, finding map bosses around every corner of Wraeclast. It is basically campaign+, making the game feel somewhat different from the usual gameplay experience. 

Delirium Everywhere

Delirium Everywhere is a new POE event, – seeing a trend here? The land is covered in a thick delirium, rather than snow. It makes everything more challenging and has even more monsters to encounter within the dankest parts of the Delirium no matter the map. Wraeclast is going to look very different than normal this time of year.

Path of Exile: Royale

And, the game mode we have all been waiting for. What turned out to be a great meme for April Fools turns out to be a fantastic feature. The PoE Royale game mode returned for Tqwitch Rivals when the new Scourge mechanic dropped. However, now players will get the chance to play the game and have a good crack at the BR mode themselves. Remember, the gameplay only returns for three separate days, we advise taking a look at the POE events table we made above.

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