The SUMOLIGHT SUMOLASER was announced last week, and we had the chance to take a first look at it during Cine Gear 2022. The least we can say is that this one-of-its-kind LED laser with a 2.6° beam angle and an output of 150.000 lux at 100m opens many new creative possibilities for filmmakers. So let’s take a closer look at it!

German manufacturer SUMOLIGHT is well-known for making unique LED lights like the SUMOSPACE+, SUMOSKY, or even the SUMOMAX that we saw during NAB 2022. The concept behind SUMOLIGHT products is that you can combine as many fixtures as you wish – or can power/rig – to make an extensive array of light.

The newest SUMOLIGHT SUMOLASER is no different than its predecessors: you can combine as many lights as you wish. But, with a single-light output similar to an ARRIMAX 18/12 HMI, one SUMOLASER already gives you plenty of light to work with.


The SUMOLIGHT SUMOLASER is a reasonably compact light head that measures only 20.4 x 19.4 x 19.2mm / 8.03 × 7.65 × 7.56″ for a weight of 3.2Kg/6.6lbs.

Image credit: CineD

The SUMOLASER consists of seven single sources arranged in a hexagonal–shape. Each point source has an extremely narrow beam angle of 2.6° and a fixed daylight color temperature of 5.800K.

However, the main advantage of such a narrow beam angle is that you get a massive light output of around 150.000 lux at a distance of 100m/328ft. Also, the power consumption is only 175W at full power, which is impressive.

Image credit: CineD

Of course, the SUMOLASER can be dimmed from 0 to 100%. You can adjust the light settings via the built-in touchscreen at the back of the fixture or the DMX input port.

Tim Zur from SUMOLIGHT gave us a couple of use cases for the SUMOLASER. For him, the fixture can be used as a searchlight or, on top of a crane illuminating a football field (For example).

Image credit: CineD

Furthermore, we learned that each of the seven lasers is reflected, meaning that you can point the SUMOLASER to camera lenses/sensors without an issue.

SUMOLIGHT does not plan to manufacture lighting/optical modifiers for the SUMOLASER that could be attached to the fixture. But, the company told us that you could create an array of SUMOLASERS and then diffuse it to make it an even more significant light source.

Price and availability

The SUMOLASER should start shipping later this year – in two or three months, according to the company – for around $4.000.

For more information, please visit SUMOLIGHT’s website here.

What do you think about the SUMOLASER? Would you use it to replace a high-power HMI? Don’t hesitate to let us know in the comments down below!

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