Tablet Games: The best games for Android and iOS

Powerful hardware in current devices on both Android and iOS platforms has paved the way for high-quality games that deliver fantastic-looking graphics in addition to complex game mechanics. However, there is only a select number of titles that are extremely fun to play on the big screen. We have listed our recommendations for the best tablet games on Android- and iOS-powered tablets.

While Apple has recently introduced a new generation of iPads, Android tablets tend to be overlooked. Not so with us at NextPit, because we still shower attention on large Android devices with articles such as a list of recommended games that play better on a tablet than on a smartphone. It makes perfect sense that we also include the iOS platform. Do take note that this is a subjective list, so your favorite might actually be missing. 

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So if you have your own list of recommended games that play best on a large display, regardless of whether it is on an iPad or an Android tablet, we look forward to your recommendations in the comments. 

Criteria in selecting tablet-friendly games

Tablets boast of a very special combination of properties for certain games that make them the perfect gaming device. They have a large display and thus offer plenty of visual real estate in addition to providing adequate room for the control system. Apart from that, games that feature fantastic graphics will definitely benefit from a larger display as that offers a greater degree of immersion. Bigger is definitely better in this case. 

However, having the appropriate hardware alone is not enough, as you will still need to hunt down the right game to take full advantage of your tablet. We have added five new titles to the list, with the rest of the list featured before. The older titles are still worth their gaming salt and come across as highly recommended for tablet gaming. Without much further ado, let us dive right into it, shall we?

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Alto’s Odyssey

Alto’s Odyssey is considered to be an older title, having been released in 2018, but we continue to include it simply because it looks stunning even until today – and it plays well on a tablet in particular. In fact, this title is commonly found on various lists of top tablet games.

In Alto’s Odyssey, you glide through wonderful-looking landscapes on a sandboard. Instead of the snowboard from Alto’s Adventure, your primary choice of transport would be the sandboard. When played on iPads and Android tablets, let your eyes feast on the visual extravaganza that is interspersed with light and shadow, in addition to a wonderful background that keeps you glued to the screen.

As if the visuals are not enough, your ears will definitely be more than happy with the fantastic soundtrack, resulting in a great atmosphere.

Of course, there are plenty of other games that were developed for Android tablets and iPads. Tell us of your favorites in the comments!

This article will be regularly updated to keep up with the times, therefore existing comments may refer to an earlier version of the article and appear out of context. 

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