The Tiffen Pro Mist Black Filters Can Adorn Your Leica Lenses Now

One of the coolest things about the Tiffen Pro Mist Black filters is that they soften the images of today’s otherwise sterile lenses. But if you combine them with Fujifilm or Leica lenses, you’re in for a treat. Recently, Tiffen announced that the Pro Mist Black filters are coming in 39mm filter thread options now. And if you combine that with some of Fujifilm’s smallest prime lenses, you’re going to have a whole lot of fun. 

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About the Tiffen Pro Mist Black Filters

Here are some specs from Adorama’s listings of the Pro Mist Black Filters.

  • Offers all the benefits of the Pro-Mist filter in a more subtle form
  • Highlight flares are controlled
  • Contrast is lowered, but with less lightening of shadows for a more delicate effect
  • Creates a soft light “pastel” effect
  • Delicate effect with contained highlight flare
  • Softens Wrinkles and Blemishes
  • Creates a Soft Quality of Light
  • ColorCore Technology
  • Circular Filter Size: 39mm
  • Color: Black

Why We’re in Love with Them

I’ve previously reviewed the Tiffen Pro Mist filters, but the Tiffen Pro Mist Black filters are a step above those. The Black filters differ with a subtle diffusion while the standard Pro Mist filters are a bit more dreamy. In my eyes, the Black filters look like what older lenses really used to render. Try some vintage Leica or Zeiss glass and you’ll realize what I mean.

What really amazes me about the Tiffen Pro Mist Black filters is just how good the softening effect is. My uncle is well into his late 60s, but this photo that I shot of him doesn’t make him look like he has wrinkles at all. More importantly, it doesn’t look like a very digital filter at all. These days on Instagram, it’s so common to see photos of people with these intense skin smoothing filters that look a bit disgusting. But with the Tiffen Pro Mist Black filters, you don’t even need to do post-production. And if you’re a Fujifilm or Leica photographer, that’s incredibly satisfying.

The reason why I shoot Fujifilm to begin with is that I really like what the camera gives me with the film simulations. I want the film-look but don’t want to do a ton of post-production. And if I’m photographing people or things, I don’t want the super sharp look that newer Fujifilm lenses are known for. So in many situations, I tend to use the Tiffen Pro Mist Black filters and then overexpose the scene a bit. I also turn clarity off on my X  Pro 3.

In order for me to help you understand these filters more, you’d have to understand who this isn’t for. I know a ton of photographers who like to do all their work in post-production and have a neutral, clean slate to do it. I’d like to call these photographers to be something more along the line of what the CW’s Arrowverse does. There’s a whole lot of special effects and post-production involved to color grade and all. 

But instead, the Black filters are more along the lines of the latest season of Master of None, Euphoria, etc. One can say that it’s more of the Tarantino approach of “let’s get it right in-camera.” And I love that. To me, that returns the art to photography instead of making it a clinically marketed post-production technique. 

We think you’ll really like the Tiffen Pro Mist Black filters. And you’ll especially really like them if you adore your small Fujifilm and Leica lenses.

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