This filmmaker shows off his impressive skills skiing with a $6000 gimbal

Have you ever watched footage of people skiing and wondered how it was shot? Well, if you’re filmmaker Antoine Frioux you’ll likely be using some sort of gimbal to create incredible follow-shots of the action.

This time, however, Antoine decided to try out filming with a DJI Ronin 4D that shoots 8K video, just to see how it would come out. I must say the results are impressive, and the behind the scenes footage of him actually skiing whilst operating the camera is pretty incredible!

Apparently, Antoine initially thought that the Ronin 4D would be overkill for what he needed, however, this test completely changed his mind. Antoine noticed the advantage of the LiDAR rangefinder in achieving sharper, faster, and more reliable image focus, noting that “you no longer need a dedicated operator to pull focus. That is a great benefit.”

Antoine operates out of the French Alps near Mont Blanc and films for many major winter outdoor and sports brands, as well as working with many of the world’s leading winter sports athletes.

I cannot even imagine the skill required to even just ski these types of mountains, let alone do it holding onto a camera and gimbal and not even look where you’re going! The DJI Ronin 4D is currently priced at $6799. That’s a potentially expensive crash waiting to happen unless, of course, you are at the top of your game like Antoine clearly is.

[Via Petapixel]

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