Vanguard Furniture Introduces Its New Make It Yours™ Custom Dining Table Collection


Vanguard Furniture announces that at October High Point Market, it will introduce custom dining, its newest offering in its highly successful Make It Yours program.


Asked, what makes this different than other custom dining options currently available in the marketplace, Andy Bray, Vanguard’s president responded, “I’m glad you asked. There are many things.  Most importantly we are offering high style leg options. There are many legs from which to choose, and none of them are bland and boring.  They feature exciting materials such as polished stainless steel, cast metal, wrapped lampakanay and acrylic among others.  They range in style from traditional cabriole leg to contemporary acrylic with metal accents.”


He added, “What makes Vanguard so special is that we offer hundreds of finish options including stains, paints, leafing and tinted metal.  Like all our MIY family of products, it allows you to create a one-of-a-kind piece that is truly distinctive and personal.  The tabletops come in a variety of sizes, some fixed and some with leaves. Remember, we are a custom shop, and we can make practically any length or width with a custom quote. The current table-top offering is crafted from beautiful clear grain quartered ash. This allows for nearly any finish. You can apply a clear coat, allowing the natural wood grain to shine, or make it more contemporary with a paint finish.  You can also add an optional catalyzed topcoat finish that protects the table from heat, moisture, household chemicals and abrasion.  This is ideal if the table will be used for casual dining with kids or as a desk.”


When asked, if it’s a one-of-a-kind piece, how do you catalog it?  How can someone see what they are buying?  Bray replied, “That’s the best part.  We have harnessed state of the art technology to make a 3D CGI rendering.  Not only does it allow you to change legs and finishes on the fly, but it also instantly determines a price based on the components included.  The visualizer is on our website and a touch-screen version is available for retailers.”


He continued, “but the pièce de resistance is the magic that comes when you pair it with our unrivaled collection of dining chairs and banquettes.  Vanguard offers more than 100 dining chairs, many of which are in stock. They can be paired with hundreds of fabrics at special prices, or any COM.  The options are virtually limitless.”


When asked, who is the target market for this, he rejoined, “Not just anybody.  This is for the high-end retail customer and interior designer that appreciates craftsmanship, artistry, and customization.  Someone who wants something special that they had a part in designing as the ultimate form of sophisticated self-expression.  Nothing is more important in the home than the dining table. It is the one piece of furniture that you use 2 to 3 times a day.  It is where you break bread, do homework, and gather as a family. It should be special.  This is no place to compromise.”


When asked, why are you bringing out so much new product when the supply chain is so clogged, and most manufacturers won’t be able to ship new introductions for 12 months, he responded, “the way that we are set up, this is something that we can ship more quickly than most imported products because we intend to keep the parts in inventory and make to order. As the fashion leader in the industry, we have an obligation to develop new product regardless of market conditions. Our showroom is always a must-see experience at market because visitors can always expect to see a plethora of new product, new fabrics, and exciting trends.”  He concluded by saying, “after all, isn’t that the reason people come to Highpoint?”



About Vanguard Furniture

Vanguard Furniture is a manufacturer and marketer of case goods and upholstery. It is a family held company, employing 600 associates and operates out of six manufacturing buildings in Hickory, North Carolina, and a 40,000+-square foot showroom in High Point, NC and its newest manufacturing location in Hillsville, Virginia. Its mission is to lead home furnishings in style, value, and service with a vision to enrich lives through custom-crafted furniture. Vanguard is a founding member of the Sustainable Furniture Council, and its green initiatives include recycling 95% of all post manufacturing waste, recycling paper, fabric scraps, metal, wood scrap, plastic, and corrugated products. The showroom is located at 301 N Hamilton St, in High Point. For more information, visit



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