Video: Slow Mo Guys use new Phantom TMX7510 camera to break record by shattering glass at 800,000 fps: Digital Photography Review

The Slow Mo Guys have been making great content on YouTube for years, recording action with increasingly higher speed cameras. Whenever you think they’ve surely reached the limits of technology, a crazy new camera comes out. Last month, the Slow Mo Guys reached new heights with the Phantom TMX7510 camera, shooting glass breaking at a whopping 800,000 frames per second.

Phantom announced the TMX7510 and TMX6410 cameras in early March. Our coverage noted that they are the first high-speed cameras to use back-side illuminated (BSI) image sensors.

Phantom TMX7510 high-speed camera

The faster camera, the TMX7510, can shoot at 76,000 fps at 1MP resolution (1280 x 800). At 1280 x 192 resolution, the camera can shoot at 300,000 fps. Finally, at an even lower resolution, the camera can reach speeds of 770,000 fps. In FAST mode, the camera can shoot at blazing-fast speeds of 1.75 million fps.

What does this kind of speed actually look like in action? Gavin Free of Slow Mo Guys found out by setting up the Phantom TMX7510 and chucking a spark plug against a car window.

If you can’t get enough high-speed video, earlier this year, we wrote about another Slow Mo Guys video in which Gavin used a Phantom Flex4K to record a 16mm motion picture camera at 1,000 fps.

If even that’s not fast enough for you, in March, we looked at a scientist, Dr. Adrian Smith, using a Phantom camera to record springtails at 73,000 fps. The high-speed camera technology greatly enhanced his ongoing research, giving new insight into springtail locomotion.

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