Warframe Caliban: Abilities and release date

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Warframe’s developers, Digital Extremes, announced more details on the upcoming New War content update, due to release on December 15. There’s plenty of new content that was revealed during the dev stream. You can expect such features as the new plot points, frame, Prime, and a trailer.

Lots of the people interested in Warframe are looking into the new content update with excitement. Largely because of the new frame coming during New War. Meet Warframe’s Caliban, a sentient frame with different lore, unlike most other frames. Though, only time will tell how exactly the frame is different when the content launches.

Warframe: Caliban abilities

For those wondering, the Warframe Caliban abilities were revealed during the dev stream. We got a little look at the character, along with a separate blog post referencing the key skills of the character. However, we do not actually know all that much. Therefore, we have listed what we do know about the Warframe Caliban abilities. We will go into more detail when we know how the character’s mods and interactions work properly. For more info, you can check the New War info page on the Warframe website!

  • Razor Gyre – Becoming a spinning ball of death, unleashing an unending torrent of damage while holding the ability down. It also allows you to target and shad towards specific enemies. The skill also leaves behind blasts that add extra damage.
  • Sentient Wrath – Smash the ground, sending a wave of destruction that deals damage to enemies. Those lucky to survive the blast get punted into the air, which they take damage from while they remain suspended.
  • Lethal Progeny – Produce three comrades to help assist Caliban, which repair his shields outside of combat.
  • Fusion Strike – Beams of energy converge into a single spot, dealing massive damage to the target. It also issues a blast around the impact zone, stripping armor off the targets hit.
  • Passive: Adaptive Armor – Allies within the Affinity range gain increased resistance to the types they are currently taking.

As you can see, this character seems to be a great frame capable of solid solo and team play. The passive that offers allies extra armor will play a crucial role in harder content or in team content. Also, the Caliban warframe will be more than able to do significant damage to trash packs and bosses through the use of Fusion Strike and Razor Gyre. Overall, it will more than likely be an A Tier frame if we are placing bets on how good the frame will be.

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Caliban Stats

During the dev stream, DE showed off what the armor looks like. Morso, there is a flicker of the stats at the bottom right of the screen. We have linked to the video so you can see it for yourself. Note, this is a dev build, so there’s always an opportunity for them to change these numbers in DE’s balance tuning pass before launch.

  • Armor – 275.
  • Energy – 425.
  • Health – 850.
  • Shield – 1295.
  • Sprint Speed – 1.10.
  • Tau resistance – 25.6%
  • Duration 155%.
  • Effeciency 100%.
  • Range – 100%.
  • Strength – 155%.

Warframe Caliban’s release date

Do you think you’ll be on your way to building the Caliban Warframe when it launches? Well, you should be able to play the Warframe Calinabmnrelease date arrives as part of the New ar launch. That date is December 15, for those wondering. 

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