Warframe New War patch notes are now live – adds new story, cosmetics, frame, and weapons

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Greetings Tenno, and welcome to the Warframe New War patch notes – aka Update 31. The Warframe New War expansion is now live, and players can jump right in right now and get the latest update. If you’re in the process of downloading the new update, why not have a quick read on what to expect?

Warframe patch notes

The Warframe New War patch notes contain lots of new content, all featuring around the new New War content. The Sentinels are back, and now there’s a new war the Tenno must embark on.

You will get a new quest called the New War when you get into the game. The Sentinels have returned to the Origin system, and are attacking earth and other relevant solar system planets.

To get involved with the campaign, you will need to own the following prerequisites:

  • Completed the Prelude to War – which was previously the New War codex before this expansion launched.
  • Necramech
  • Railjack

While you’re partaking in the New War questline, you will find a campaign that is several hours long. During a press conference, we were told the average player will find it is roughly 6-8 hours long. Moreover, players who embark on the New War will find that they are locked into the campaign and cannot partake in other content until complete.

It is also worth mentioning the Warframe patch notes drops all-new operator voice lines. When you get to playing the expansion’s content, you’ll get to listen to it by completing the all-new content.

It is worth mentioning five new weapons are coming to Warframe. However, the official Warframe patch notes do not state what they are due to spoilers. It seems you should expect some rather big weapons coming into play, which you can then get your hands on

Caliban and Harrow Prime

Warframe Harrow Prime Warframe Patch Notes
Harrow Prime is here, and you can get it as part of supporter packs. Image via Digital Extremes.

Speaking of brand new content, the New War update officially launched Caliban, the 48th frame to join the game. Meanwhile, players can use the new Harrow Prime. If you want to get immediate access to this content, Digital Extremes announced earlier on December 15 new premium supporters packs. Each support pack tier grants new paid cosmetics, and immediate access to Harrow Prime or Caliban, depending on which pack you go for. You can read up more on the Supporters packs here if you’re interested. 

Moreso, these cosmetics within these bundles have more detail on the official patch notes, along with what they look like. You can find pictures of them on the official patch notes, linked to here. Alternatively, you can find an image of the Mesa Projectilyst and the Volt Electrolyst skins in the article’s feature image.

Alternatively, if you want more knowledge of Caliban skills, Digital Extremes provided us with a nice rundown on his skills.

This is most of the content you can expect to find that’s new. There’s plenty of other quality of life changes, along with balance change. We recommend paying closer attention to the full changelog over on the Warframe forums.

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