Watch: A complete 90-minute video crash course on retouching portraits


When you look at all those beautiful portraits, you may want to start shooting and editing them yourself. But then you realize that it may be more challenging than it seems. Thankfully, portrait retouching is a skill you can learn, and photographer Sean Tucker is on a mission to help you on this creative journey.

Sean has just published a series of six videos that guide you through portrait retouching techniques, tips, and tricks. There is nearly an hour and a half of video material for you to watch, learn, and follow along.

As Sean explains himself, this is the series he wishes he’d had free access to when he was starting out in portrait photography. “My hope is that by sharing this knowledge, it will save others a great deal of time in their progression as portrait or headshot photographers,” Sean says.

You can watch the videos below, and find all of them together in a playlist on Sean’s YouTube channel.

Natural Skin Editing for Portraits

Enhancing Eyes in your Portraits

Shaping the Light in your Portraits with Dodge and Burn

Improve your Portraits by adding Texture and Color to your Backgrounds

Finishing an image with Color, Contrast and Sharpening.

Creating Dramatic Black and White Images

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