Wayback Machine: The evolution of Panasonic’s GH-series cameras: Digital Photography Review

Above: When the Panasonic GH5 was introduced in 2017, we got all the GH siblings together for a family reunion.

It’s hard to believe Panasonic’s video-centric GH camera series is 13 years old. For those of us who used or covered the series from the start, it’s also a stark reminder that we’re a bit older than we used to be. Oh, how time flies!

Fortunately, the GH series has aged well, evolving from a scrappy upstart video camera into a mature product with some of the most advanced video features on the market, short of a pro cinema camera. Ironically, it may have been widely available firmware hacks for the GH2 that really propelled the series forward in the market. Panasonic didn’t exactly condone these hacks, but it surely recognized how much enthusiasm the custom firmware generated for a more capable GH camera. The series quickly became a darling of video enthusiasts, spawning a large ecosystem of tools and accessories that continue to this day.

Personally, the GH series has always been close to my heart as its history somewhat parallels my own evolution as a videographer and filmmaker. Prior to the GH1, I had been using the very capable Panasonic DVX100 camera for video work, and despite the fact the GH1 was a bit rough around the edges I jumped onboard right away due to its size, capabilities and interchangeable lenses. Join us as we jump into the wayback machine to look back at this iconic series of cameras.

– Dale Baskin

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