What is GTFO? A new Horror Shooter!

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Saying that horror games are the best genre to play with your friends isn’t something new. Watching your friends squeal and shriek whilst you do your best to spare your own pride, it’s a fantastic experience that usually ends in laughter. So what’s GTFO? Well, other than what you’ll likely be shouting at each other when facing a series of monsters, it’s a new co-op horror shooter.

But developers wanted to make sure you know, GTFO isn’t just a typical run and gun shooter. It’s for players that value and want a serious challenge in their gaming sessions.


GTFO the Game

So what exactly is GTFO? Well, it’s a horror shooter, as you now know. But more specifically, you and your team will be put to the test. In teams of four, you’ll be dropped into the Rundown. The Rundown is a series of expeditions, each one taking you deeper into a decayed research facility called the Complex.

Each level you dive into will require more scavenging, resources and strategy. You’ll need to complete all the expeditions to fulfil the Work Order and clear the Rundown.

But more importantly, you’ll need stealth and coordination on your side for this. You’ll need to work together to manoeuvre through the Complex. So you’re going to need to decide what gear, boosters and weapons to bring. Plus, you’re going to ideally want to specialise each team member, so you know what to do when things go wrong. Who’s going to be ‘bait’, who’s going to be ranged, all the sort…

There’s a whole lot of flexibility around it all, but if you’re not careful… Well you’ll know. Many of the creatures in GTFO are in a state of hibernation. So as long as you’re quiet, careful and sneaky, you’ll be fine. But if one of them knows, then all of them will. So the question stands: Will you work together or die together?

Check out GTFO here on Steam!

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