Where to find Genshin Impact Crystal Cores

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When it comes to Genshin Impact Crystal Cores, you’re going to need them to forge weapons and utilize them to craft Condensed Resin. And if you’re especially into using Condensed Resin, it can help you earn a few extra rewards from tasks that need Resin, like Domains and Leylines.

But of course Crystal Cores aren’t just everywhere, instead they can be found in specific areas in the overworld. In fact, you can even farm Crystal Cores.

Farming Crystal Cores in Genshin Impact

To farm Crystal Cores, you’ll need to harvest either Anemo, Cryo or Geo Crystalflies in Mondstadt, Dragonspine and Liyue. Once there, all you need to do is simply harvest them from the various Crystalflies. Doing so will of course kill them in the process, but hey, sometimes you need your ressources.

Crystal Core Locations

There are three mian in-world locations where you can find Crystal Cores.

Dawn Winery

Arguably, the best place to find Crystal Cores is in the Dawn Winery. Just ahead of the massive mansion, you’ll find rows of crops which also contain Anemo Crystalflies.

Mt. Tianheng

Another ideal location is in Mt Tianheng, just above Liyue Harbor. There you’ll find an opening in Mt. Tianheng and a few Hillichurls by the opening. After defeating them, you can enter the mountain, where you’ll find about five Geo Crystalflies around.

Guyun Stone Forest

And finally, you can head over to Guyun Stone Forest. Where theyre’s a good few Geo Crystalflies all around the entrance. But these might be a bit tricky to get as they can easily escape!

Good luck with your new Crystal Cores, use them wisely!

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