World of Warcraft Feast of Winter Veil 2021 guide for Classic and Retail

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It’s that time of year, Dun Murough and Durotar has a special set of goblins and a bearded man coming to the city to celebrate Christmas in Azeroth. In both cities, you’ll find a new character called Great Father Winter, a Dwarf or an Orc, depending on which faction you belong to. He was also be accompanied by several green goblins, working with the Snoweywood Pastures. When the combination appears, you know it’s time for World of Warcraft’s Feast of Winter Veil celebrations.

However, there is quite a lot going on this year. The World of Warcraft Feast of Winter’s Veil 2021 event is dramatically different. There are now three different versions of the Feast of WInter’s Veil, one for Classic SoM, TBCC, and of course Shadowlands. As it stands, there is no major difference between the Classic SoM or TBC events. However, there is much more going on with the retail versions. Below we will guide you through the WoW Feast of Winter Veil 2021 events for both Classic and Retail servers.

World of Warcraft Feast of Winter Veil 2021 guide

A few core facets of the Feast of Winters veil events are pretty much the same, regardless of which version of WoW you play. Not to mention on December 25 you get to open presents, which is Christmas day in Anglo tradition, (sorry Baltic nations). No matter which version of the game you will play, you will get access to a few quests that are almost identical. However, there’s plenty more to do in retail courtesy of the Merrymaker achievement.

When is the WoW Feast of Winter Veil 2021?

The WoW Feast of Winter Veil event begins on December 16, with the final day of the event occurring on December 31. Throughout that period, you will be able to complete the festive quests, get other goodies, and most of all, get free gifts from under the Christmas tree on December 25.

World of Warcraft Feast of Winter Veil 2021 Classic Guide

Feast of Winter Veil WoW
Image via Blizzard Entertainment.

Let’s start off with the basics. The Classic version of the Feast of Winter Veil event is rather bare-bones in comparison to retail, and is the same event for the most part across Classic legacy, SoM, and TBCC servers. 

When the event begins, players can find quest givers in all the major cities, which will take you to Ironforge if you are on the Alliance, or Orgrimmar if you are on the Horde. In Ironforge, you will find a new NPC to the right of the bank, sitting next to a goblin stall, along with a Christmas tree. The same rules apply to Orgirmamar, with an Orc with a very long grey beard standing between the auction house and the bank.

You’ll get a few quests from the area, and a bonus quest if you are higher than level 30. The first quest you can get from any zone, called Greatfather Winter is here. It will tell you to find the aforementioned NPCs in either of those cities. When you get to the Greatfather Winter quest mob, you can get a quest from Santa himself, or the Goblins.

If you opt to speak to Greatfather, you will get the Treats for Greatfather Winter, requiring you to cook some cookies. You’ll need Small Eggs, which you can buy from the AH, or farm yourself from NPCs like Owls in Teldrassil and Dun Murough, or the Plainstridrers and Condors in the Barrens or Mulgore for example. You’ll also need Holiday Spices from the Goblins vendors next to Greatfather along with the Gingerbread cookie recipe, requiring you to have level 1 cooking. Don’t forget ice-cold milk, which you can get from any drinks vendor, including innkeepers.

One of the other quests in the game is the Reason For Season. It’s a lore quest, detailing all the lore behind gift sharing in Azeroth, You will need to visit a Historian Karnik in the top right of Ironforge, or head over to where Thrall chills and see a Shaman called Sagorne Crestrider. Both of these NPCs mentioned above give you a new quest, the Feast of Winter Vale, which tells you the tales of the event.

Stolen Winter Veil Treats is another quest, which you get from the Gobbos at the cart next to the Christmas trees. The quest requires you to go to Alterac Mountains and find a Strange Snowman. Speak to it and you’ll get a quest to kill the Abominable Greench, a level 36 elite. If you kill the elite and return to the quest giver, you should get a special present when you return to Greatfather Winter.

Also, Metzen, the Reindeer has gone missing once again (which is also in retail WoW too). You can find Metzen in Tanaris or Searing Gorge by the Pirate or Dark Iron Dwarf camps.

It is also worth mentioning the Ogrila camp is now active in TBCC servers. If you’re in TBCC, you can head over to the Ogri’la camp and do the Bomb Them Again daily quest for extra Skyguardand Ogri’la rep.

World of Warcraft Feast of Winter Veil 2021 Shadowlands Guide

For the most part, the core of the Winter Veil event is relatively the same, albeit with a few additions. Some of the main stuff features silly tidbits, added as part of the world event’s achievement, which you’ll need if you want the ‘Long Strange Trip it Has Been’ rewards.

Some of them are the standard Winter Veil, which you can achieve by taking part in the event. One of them is to turn your mount into a reindeer, which you get from the presents. On the other hand, you can get one quest for completing the Snoweywood Pasture quest where you beat the Abominable Snowman. 

World of Warcraft Feast of Winter Veil
The achievement you’ll be looking for if you don’t already have it.

However, there are some achievements that are harder to do. One of them is the Let it Snow achievement, requiring you to throw a Handful of Snowflakes on a race and class combination, which vary depending on the faction you are in. When we completed it back in 2016, it meant we had to go into BGs and throw snowballs at the right race and class combo. For the last one, we had to invade Orgirmmar while avoiding sharding Russians who wanted a fight. Moreso, you need to dress like a Little Helper and get 50 honourable kills to get the ‘With a Little Helper from my friends’ achievement. You need to visit one of the Winter Wondervolt machines to turn into a little helper.

Moreso, you’ll need to complete one quest requiring you to dress in festive attire for the ‘Tis the Season achievement while eating mince pies. Meanwhile, you’ll need to go and throw a snowball at Baine Bloodhoof for Scrooge achievements. You’ll also need to save Metzen the reindeer, which you can find n the Alterac Mountains near the Greench yeti, which is also how you get holly to make your mount festive.

Lastly, one of the final quests you need is the Ogri’la achievement. You need to complete the Bomb Them Again quest in the Ogri’la hub in Blades Edge Mountains.

Congratulations, you’re now the saviour of Christmas on Azeroth and Outland.

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