• Mon. Feb 6th, 2023

Uniport Solutions has launched an Indiegogo campaign for X-Driver, a CFexpress Type B card that features an integrated USB-C port, eliminating the need for a special CFexpress card reader. Simply put the card into your camera, record photos and video, and then remove the card and plug it directly into the USB-C port on your computer.

The Indiegogo campaign reads, ‘Introducing X-Driver, the CFexpress type B memory card with a USB-C port built-in. The X-Driver is the ultimate all-in-one device for storing your media files and then transferring the files to your computer, tablet, or phone.’ The company has spent the last three years redesigning the CFexpress Type B card from scratch to minimize the size of the card and allow for the implementation of the integrated USB-C connector. By integrating the connector, the card is more versatile and promises to improve the workflow of photographers and videographers’ workflow.

Many photographers like that Apple added the SD card slot back to its latest M1-series MacBook Pro notebooks and the new Mac Studio desktop. Unfortunately, there’s no easy port for CFexpress Type B cards, so users need a card reader, or in some cases, a card reader plus an adapter. The X-Driver eliminates the need for all those extra accessories. The X-Driver feels a bit like the spiritual successor to the Wi-Fi-enabled SD cards that were popular in the early 2010s.

The X-Driver promises read and write speeds up to 1700 MB/s and meets USB-C and CFexpress Type B standards, including PCIe SSD. The X-Driver card is 38.5mm (1.52″) tall, including the USB-C port, and is 29.8mm (1.17″) wide. These are the same dimensions as a traditional CFexpress Type B card. The card is constructed using polycarbonate plastic and stainless steel.

Uniport Solutions has thus far tested the card across a wide range of products, including the Canon R5 camera, Samsung smartphones, iPad Pro tablets and MacBook Pro notebooks.

So far on Indiegogo, the campaign is nearing $1,000 of backing. The project has a flexible funding goal of $20,000. The Super Early Bird 128GB Special is $144, which is 20% off the expected retail price. 256GB and 512GB cards are also available as backer options for $240 and $384, respectively. For additional information and to learn about the various backer options, visit Indiegogo.

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