YoloLiv’s new YoloCast cloud service lets you stream to YouTube, Facebook and Twitch simultaneously

Live streaming has become immensely popular over the last couple of years, to the point that even though many parts of the world have opened back up, it’s still a big thing. Now that a lot of the hardware is readily available, everybody wants to be at that wedding (even if they didn’t get an invite) or wants to go to that party, listen to that talk given by their hero thousands of miles away. The big problem is finding a platform that works for everybody.

Well, YoloLiv, creator of the YoloBox series of live streaming video switchers is here with their solution. YoloCast is a cloud-based service that lets you stream 1080p video at up to 60 frames per second to multiple platforms simultaneously. Do you have viewers that argue over whether they prefer to watch on YouTube, Twitch or Facebook? Well, now you can stream to them all at once.

This isn’t just a restreaming service, though. YoloLiv Cloud is its own video streaming platform, too, allowing you to host, monitor and broadcast both live and on-demand. You can automate all your scheduling days or weeks ahead, along with recurring broadcasts or uploading events in bulk. You can also simulate a live broadcast by playing recorded or uploaded streams to your viewers and present them as if it were happening live – much in the same way that many gear manufacturers do when they launch a new product.

You get full real-time stream diagnostics including the bitrate, frame rate and network connection quality and the ability to stream out to multiple platforms simultaneously, including YouTube, Twitch, Facebook and others. There are also features like web overlays, graphic overlays (like lower thirds) and scoreboard overlays with automated caption creation and even private streams available depending on the plan you choose to go with.

Live streams can also be downloaded or exported to platforms like Vimeo, enabling you to keep a permanent safe archive of your streams but you also get up to 1TB of storage on YoloCast for saving your overlays and other assets, or auto-archiving your live streams for on-demand playback. You can also embed live streams and on-demand videos into your website and create short highlights for social media like Instagram or Facebook Reels and YouTube Shorts.

The exact YoloCast features you get will depend on which plan you go for. Unfortunately, there’s no free plan and they cost $99, $149 or $199 a month, but they’re currently reduced to $69, $99 and $149/mo respectively and you can see a comparison of what the three plans offer here. If you want to have a play before you decide, they’re offering a free 14-day trial to test it out or you can schedule a demo with the company who’ll run you through the process and how it works.

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