You may soon see some Instagram Stories only if you pay

Would you ever pay to access certain content on Instagram? Well, soon you might. According to recent discoveries Alessandro Paluzzi made, Instagram is testing a “fan club” feature that will only give you access to some Stories if you pay to see them.

Alessandro tweeted his findings, writing that Instagram is working on stories for fan clubs. “Exclusive stories visible only to fan club [member’s] eyes,” he writes, adding that it will not be possible to take screenshots of these exclusive stories.

Furthermore, Alessandro writes that the Exclusive Stories icon will be purple, and users will be able to save them to highlights so their fan club members can always access them, both old and new ones.

For now, Instagram has been unwilling to reveal more detail about the “fan club” feature, according to Engadget. Still, the last time Alessandro discovered a possible upcoming feature on the platform, it truly entered the testing phase shortly after. After all, we’ve seen similar features within other apps. There’s Twitter’s “Super Follows,” as well as channel memberships on YouTube. So, I wouldn’t be surprised if this paid feature really appeared on Instagram in a while.

[via Engadget]

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